How to care for your awesome french flax linen

Our heirloom 100% French Flax Linen will serve you for years to come, particularly if you care for it properly.  By following these few simple steps, your linen will remain fresh and vibrant.   

1.  Wash your White Linen Company Linen using a mild detergent in cold or luke warm water.   This will ensure the fibres are protected.  We recommend Earth Choice because we care for the environment.   

2.  Do not dry clean. 

3. You should dry your linen on the line in the sun.  Not only will your linen smell amazing,   You can use a tumble dryer however, your linen will not last quite as long and we don't recommend it. 

4. You can iron our linen -- our linen sprays are perfect for this.   However, the White Linen Company looks amazing without ironing.  The creases are what gives linen its great character and feel.  Most of the creases will smooth once on your bed or whilst drying on the line.  Use a medium heat while ironing and we find the steam option on your iron works best

5.  Store your linen in a clean, dry place.   All our linen comes in its very own linen drawstring bag - perfect for keeping your linen sets organised.