FRENCH LINEN: The Royal Linen

Flax Linen has long been prized for its trans-seasonal qualities. It is one of the oldest woven fabrics in the world. It insulates in winter, and cools in summer.  The most breathable of all-natural fabrics, our white bed sheets are a favourite in warmer weather. In other words, everything coordinates beautifully, naturally.

One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing bedding is fabric quality. It should be soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic - but it also needs to be durable and environmentally friendly. Flax Linen has all these qualities.   At the White Linen Company, we have a serious love affair with French flax linen.

Our signature range of pure linen sheets and pure linen bedding sets are all created using 100% French flax linen - but what makes this natural fabric just so special? Along with looking (and feeling!) effortlessly luxurious, flax linen fabric has certain properties that make it the perfect choice for your bedding. Keep reading to learn why we only use 100% French flax linen to create our home and lifestyle products:

  • French flax linen is made of 100% natural fibres. It's a sustainable material, and one that will last for years to come.
  • The weave on our pure linen sheets is tightly woven - which makes them two times stronger than cotton sheets! They are also resistant to pilling or shrinkage.

What is French Flax Linen?

French Flax Linen has been used for centuries to create luxurious bedding, curtains, and tablecloths. It is renowned as a natural fabric with an amazingly soft feel - unsurprising given that it washes beautifully! More importantly, the linen's breathability means your body will be able to regulate its temperature throughout the night without being too hot or cold. This also makes it perfect for those of us who turn over frequently during our sleep - you will not wake up suddenly feeling tangled in sheets that are twisted tightly around you! And finally, this pure white cloth creates a beautiful backdrop on which other colours can really shine through. The crispness and purity of white linens make them an excellent choice both inside

French flax linen is sustainably sourced

  • French Flax linen is a natural fabric made from the long, golden fibres of the flax plant. The best quality linen is grown in France where it's been cultivated for over two thousand years!
  • When we use only 100% French Linen to create our bedding sets, there are no unnecessary chemicals used during production - just pure white sheets that look (and feel!) luxurious without any added dyes or treatments!
  • Creating French flax linen requires less of everything, irrigation, energy, and pesticides than other fibres which means it is much more environmentally friendly.

Why are our White linen sheets so great for you?

  • 100% Natural, Organic & Sustainable Fabric
  • The natural fibres in pure flax linen only get softer the more they are washed, which means that your new set will remain crisp and luxurious for years to come.
  • Looking after them? Too easy, it is a simple task as all linens can be laundered at home on a cool cycle without fabric softener or bleach (do not worry about wrinkles!). Best news is regular washing will only make your sheets softer and more luxurious over time.
  • It is luxurious! A natural fabric that looks (and feels) effortlessly glamorous.
  • Inspired by natural tones & beautiful country style so you can explore your seasonal side without compromising on quality

Fall asleep to the luxury of linen with our range of pure linen all inclusive bed sets, designed in Australia and ethically sourced from France. We only work with 100% 200 gsm French flax linen giving you an heirloom quality bed set.

Each White Linen Bed Set is all inclusive.

Each set contains.

1 x Duvet Cover

1 x Fitted Sheet

1 x Flat Sheet

4 x Standard Pillow Cases


You do not need to buy anything else. Unless of course you need throws or cushions to complete the look.